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Company profile: Food-Teck company
500 SQ meters
Located in Science Park of Rehovot

Space design

Re-milk identifies itself as a company "that recreates dairy that makes our world a better place".
Company's moto is "real dairy' no cows" and thus is being created in the company's laboratories and kitchens that we had the honor of planning and designing.
Since the main goal of the company is to create a dairy product that is not only green but also tastes really good a huge emphasis was made on the kitchen and dining area, alongside with a view through the meeting rooms glass to the innovative labs.
Our main challenge: to create a highly inviting and comfortable a design for company that combines labs and office spaces with a feel of a fun restaurant.
Solution: Using a lot of greens to break the "pharmacy" feel of a lab and bring warm and cold colors together bound in the beautiful kitchen area that reminds a restaurant space

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