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The story behind the design of this house is an unusual story that formed an excellent basis for a unique planning process. The initial goal was to plan and design a house that meets the needs of all family members.

The couple is in a chapter two relationship, each of them has children from previous relationships, and the goal was to utilize the three levels of the house for planning which, on the one hand, creates for each and everyone their own private space at the same time as creating accommodation and living spaces for all the family membres.

A Designers Dream

The children's rooms got a unique design concept. The house owner is a styling enthusiast who took an active role in dressing each room with a different character and style.
The primary suite was designed as a large and luxurious unit that creates the feeling of a boutique hotel, and it includes a bathroom that makes an intimate feeling and many storage areas adapted to the needs of the homeowners, including a closet with built-in internal lighting.
We were able to express the unique character of the homeowners on several levels. A colorful design concept was chosen for the spaces that serve the whole family - the living room, the dining area, and the kitchen. The stair railing was painted in a bold shade, graffiti works were carefully selected and displayed throughout the house, and the legs of the dining area table were specially designed to complete the design look.​

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