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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

We will accompany you in the process of revealing your company's unique identity and make it into an essential part of workspace design.

Coco Chanel

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 About ROMBO

Rombo is a Tel-Aviv based architecture and interior design studio made of architects and interior designers. We are currently involved in a large-medium office interior projects for international & local companies, ranging from 350-3,000 sqm. Our design emerges out of a careful analysis of employees' office life and company's DNA. We provide services of master planning, fit outs and design for office interiors. 

Founded by Architect Jul Segev-Gurevitch & Architect Neta Golshtein in 2013, Rombo has evolved around the Innovative High-tech Israeli community redefining workspace environments.

Latest Work

With a record of large-medium office interior projects ranging from 350-3,000 sqm.

Recent Successful 


Jul Segev Gurevich

Architect & Founder

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